Anna Koch

Anna Koch

Before I’d discovered what makes me happy and my true passion, I tried many professions: I was a make-up artist, camera operator, business owner, trainer, marketing manager, project coordinator, and scientist – a lecturer with a Ph.D.

Fortunately, long before my 100th birthday, I’ve found out that my greatest passion is visual content creation. Telling a story with moving pictures and sounds – that’s what makes me no longer have to work. My work is my passion. Together with our team, I develop possible stories of future events for our social simulations. And it’s so much fun.

While working for the association, I use other talents and skills I’ve acquired during my professional development path. From planning and storyboarding ideas through to creating the content e.g. filming & editing, helping with the design of marketing material, and writing content for our websites. 

Within my role, I also support coordinating the overall strategic focus of the CRS tools and digital platforms, all its visuals, videography, copywriting, and campaign content. Thanks to this multitasking, our cooperation is never going to be boring.

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