Krzysztof Grynienko

Krzysztof Grynienko

For many years I have been dealing with the personal development and education of young people and adults.

As a trainer and coach, I helped many employees of small and big companies to grow their managerial and social competencies. Together with teachers, I co-created innovative lesson scenarios and helped them develop digital competencies helpful in running interesting classes at school.

I am a zealous fan of learning through experience. I like to run educational workshops in an interesting, engaging, and, above all, effective way. That is why in the created educational programs, I leverage games and simulations whenever it’s possible. I noticed that thanks to this, acquiring new social competences and shaping attitudes comes easier for participants and gives them a lot of fun.
At Centre for Systems Solutions, I deal with the design and implementation of educational programs based on the social simulations.

I spend my spare time actively with my family on bicycle trips, hiking in the mountains, or walks in the park.

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