MEFadapt: Identifying, understanding and adapting to transboundary climate risks in the global minerals–energy–food complex

Dates: 2022 – 2025

Founding: FORMAS

Contact person: Piotr Magnuszewski


Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
Stockholm University (SU)


Poland, Sweden

MEFadapt aims to improve our understanding of transboundary climate risks (TCRs) and of how best to reduce, manage and govern them in just, legitimate and effective ways. 

MEFadapt focuses on one type of TCR: the disruption of global supply chains of minerals, energy and food, the associated second-order climate risks, and the effect of these disruptions on climate adaptation policies. It builds on an unparalleled existing database on trade and global supply chains, including analyses of millions of per shipment declarations, billions of maritime transport records and global subnational agricultural and mineral production. The project takes an innovative data-driven and stakeholder-based mixed-method approach, including quantitative modeling, network and policy analyses, case studies and scenario frameworks.

The Centre for Systems Solutions is responsible for designing and executing stakeholder workshops intending to develop multilevel policy and governance pathways for reducing risks and exposure. The activities will make use of the data processed by the project activities, and build on previously developed governance concepts and scenarios.


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