Budget Game. Activation of the citizens of Lublin in the field of participatory budgeting project promotes active participation of Lublin residents in city budgeting process. It is implemented by the Centre for Systems Solutions in partnership with the Municipality of Lublin, The Polish Cities Association (Związek Miast Polskich) and Citizens Foundation (Iceland).

Main part of the project is a simulation game inspired by Budget Games created by Luke Hohmann and Innovation Games® in 2011. Budget Games helps residents and authorities of San Jose (USA) in the debate on the city budget. The Game, adapted to Polish conditions, will increase citizens’ responsibility for city finances.

Effective participatory budget requires awareness and active participation of local residents. This process should be prepared carefully and every party (residents, authorities, and other organizations) should be convinced about its validity. The project aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of communication of  Lublin residents with city authorities, as well as their understanding of the budget complexity. The game supports Lublin’s participatory budget process. It is an example of good collaboration process, where all participants involved are equal partners.

The full-version of the game was played for the first time in September 2014. It preceded the participatory budget voting in Lublin. In 2015 the game will be also used for consultations of district council budgets. Other cities will be able to use the game (after modifications). Another outcome of the project will be: publication about best practices in the field of participatory budgets in Poland, and national conference about participatory budgeting (2016).