Project Description

An experimental game exploring community pathways to sustainable forest management and disaster preparedness.

Forest@Risk confronts the players with the challenges faced by communities that use forests to make a living. In addition, their village and the forest were vulnerable to environmental disasters. The players learn how to introduce sustainable management of natural resources, and how important are internal agreements and trust in order to achieve this goal.

The game was initially developed in the international project The Emergence of Adaptive Governance Arrangements for Tropical Forest Ecosystems funded by National Science Foundation (USA). It was later redesigned and expanded by the Centre for Systems Solutions. The game has been field tested in Uganda and will be applied in Bolivia. It was also played during the European Forum Alpbach 2014, Climate-KIC Innovation Festival 2013 in Wroclaw and will be used in China.

Who should play this game?

* Risk managers

* Forest owning communities

* Forest managers

* Policy makers

* Anyone interested in sustainable forest management.

Organizational aspects

* Duration: 2 hours

* Number of participants: 7-8