Forging Resilience: Forging Resilient Regions

Forging Resilience: Forging Resilient Regions





EIT Climate-KIC

Contact person:

Anna Książczak


UK, Spain, Italy and France

Description – essential information

Forging Resilient Regions is an EIT Climate-KIC funded project that supports European regions on their pathways towards a net-zero emission and climate-resilient future. As one of the eight ‘Deep Demonstrations’, the project acts as a testbed environment for the 1.5°C-consistent systems transition. Centre for Systems Solutions is one of the cross-cutting partners and cooperates with the regional governments and city authorities of Andalusia (Spain), Nouvelle Aquitaine (France), the Dolomites (Italy), and Glasgow (UK) on forging resilience of these regions. To this end, they jointly support the stakeholders in determining where innovation should be directed, identifying systemic relationships, understanding stakeholder needs, and, in general, embedding systemic thinking in a process of deep demonstration.

In the first phase of the project, Centre for Systems Solutions will develop a social simulation to represent a stylized situation that is faced by regional partners. It will provide an opportunity for participants to walk through the relevant steps of the Deep Demonstration methodology while learning how to apply the systems tools. It the next phase, Centre for Systems Solutions is in the process of designing a systems mapping exercise with the elements of policy simulation for the Andalusian region. It provides a direct real-world representation of key territorial elements and processes (social, economic, and ecological) as well as relationships between them, and invites stakeholders to jointly explore their future pathways. As Deep Demonstrations are collaborative, mission-oriented, and demand-driven projects, our work is based on feedback received in the previous phase as well as joint conversations with the regions to best meet their needs and expectations. Centre for Systems Solutions, in collaboration with international Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and other cross-cutting partners, organizes webinars and other activities at a general, cross-regional level to provide a deeper understanding of what resilience is by sharing experience, inspiring each other, and creating learning opportunities between the regions.

Text adapted from the official EIT Climate-KIC and IIASA websites.

The projects is supported by the EIT Climate-Kic Deep Demonstrations program and co-funded by EIT.

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