Green Enterprise Zone “Business Park Zawiła”

Green Enterprise Zone “Business Park Zawiła”




The Sendzimir Foundation

Association Zielona Strefa Przedsiębiorczości “Business Park Zawiła”

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Jadwiga Żurad



The Sendzimir Foundation

Association Zielona Strefa Przedsiębiorczości “Business Park Zawiła”

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Description – essential information

The main objective of the project was to promote the idea of sustainable business and pro-ecological solutions and to reduce negative environmental impacts. It was also aimed at investigating the entrepreneurs’ knowledge on sustainable development and bridging the gaps among businesses, researchers and local authorities.

The project was held in the Green Enterprise Zone “Business Park Zawiła” (BPZ) in Kraków, Poland and was targeted at the BPZ Association and its partner companies, as well as researchers, representatives of non-governmental organizations, self-government authorities and the local community.

The project was carried out in three stages: 1) The members of the BPZ Association were surveyed to check how sustainable their businesses are conducted; 2) The conference: “Green Enterprise Zone of Business Park Zawiła – a step towards sustainable development” was held; 3) The post-conference bulletin was published.

The collected data and insights were used to develop specific solutions aimed at more sustainable business policies that would go in line with the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility.


  1. Analysis of the survey provided us with useful information on the companies’ environmental policy and their attitudes towards sustainable development. It also let the entrepreneurs get acquainted with the idea of sustainable development and to make them consider the ecological aspects of their businesses.
  2. The conference increased the participants’ knowledge in the area of environmental protection, modern pro-environment technologies, natural resources management and other aspects related to sustainable development.
  3. The post-conference bulletin was published in 1000 copies. The distribution of the publication in cooperation with the Małopolska Regional Development Agency made it possible for the project’s message to reach a larger audience.
  4. The articles published in the periodicals Małopolski Rynek Inwestycyjny (Małopolska Investment Market) and Innowacyjny Start (Innovative Start-up) enabled the promotion of sustainable development.