SCENES: Water Scenarios for Europe and for Neighboring Countries

SCENES: Water Scenarios for Europe and for Neighboring Countries





EU 6th Framework Programme

Contact person:

Anna Dubel


SFinland, Deutschland, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Estonia, France, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Ukraine

Description – essential information

The SCENES project aimed at preparing and testing the methodology used for creating credible scenarios for the management of surface waters in Europe by 2025.

As the subcontractor of the project, the Centre for Systems Solutions (CRS) was obliged to provide a package of conceptual models to help the leaders of research areas (Pilot Areas), and other partners, better understand and analyse the identified research problems.

To reach the project aims, we carried out through analysis and evaluation of complex relationships between the water demand and supply. The collected data were later used to plan and develop technological alternatives to the existing solutions of water use and protection.


A set of complex scenarios for the management of European surface waters by 2025, which was expected to:

  • provide a reference point for a long-term strategic planning of the development of water resources in Europe,
  • inform policy makers and groups of interest about the emerging problems related to the use of waters (e.g. poor water quality, environmental problems and the drought occurring in new regions)
  • allow the entities in charge of water management in river basins to test the emerging local and regional water management plans, in terms of the associated risks and uncertainties