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EIT Climate-KIC

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Aleksandra Solińska-Nowak


Cyprus, Poland

Description – essential information

The Centre for Systems Solutions is among 3 partners included in the Climate-KIC- Young Innovators 2020 Cyprus program. The program, initiated and funded by the EIT Climate-KIC, aims to foster a systemic view on current climate challenges and empower young people to develop innovative solutions through Problem-based Learning (PBL) experiences.

The Cyprus edition is led by the Cyprus University of Technology and supported by the Cyprus Energy Agency and the Centre for Systems Solutions. The overarching aim of the initiative is to support secondary and high school students in developing their 21st-century skills and competencies related to climate innovation through the PBL pedagogy. Among other competencies, the project promotes systems thinking and analysis, critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and entrepreneurship.

As part of the project, the New Shores simulation developed by the Centre for Systems Solutions is being translated to Greek and used as a basis for Problem-Based Learning on sustainability and civic responsibility among youth.

The program is divided into 2 key stages:

Stage 1: Teacher Training: in the 1st stage of the project, teaching specialists (e.g. in Geography, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Design & Technology, etc.) and environmental and sustainable development educators across Cyprus will participate in training sessions on how to use the simulation and other tools created in the project in their daily practice.
Stage 2: Pilot Workshops with Students: in the 2nd stage of the project, the trained educators will be called to prepare pilot workshops and challenges for their students with the support of our coaches and problem owners. The participating students will be introduced to the program via the online social simulation followed by the Young Innovators tools to analyze local issues in the context of Cyprus.

Young Innovators Cyprus is supported by the EIT Climate-Kic Young Innovators signature program and co-funded by EIT.

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