ChallengeSD is the first Polish social portal that focuses on issues of sustainable development. Its main goal is to create a platform where the users can exchange information, generate knowledge and work together on solving specific problems. Portal was created by the Centre for Systems Solutions and the Sendzimir Foundation.

The mission of this portal is to popularize principles of sustainable development by:

SHARING KNOWLEDGE – providing a platform for the exchange of information, generation of knowledge and solving specific problems, including carrying out practical, scientific and educational partnership projects.

CONNECTING PEOPLE – creating nets of people convinced of the meaning of the sustainable development and eager to be active here and now for the better sustainable future.

INSPIRING to act those who want to change something but lack partners, organizations, resources, clear ideas etc.

As the creators of this portal we desire it to be:

  • virtual space connecting active persons willing to act for the sustainable development in Poland
  • a place where people who deal with local sustainable development (self-government workers, local non-governmental organizations workers, members of communities) can find practical information, free assistance of experts, description of good practices from Poland and from the rest of the world, and a possibility to exchange experience.
  • a place where employees and managers of small and medium Polish companies can find practical advice of how to run business in accordance with sustainable development principles, experts’ advice, good examples, access to a database of qualified workers.

Our portal is addressed to:

  • representatives of self-government environment who deal with planning local communities development all over Poland
  • non-governmental organizations operating locally, nationally and internationally in favor of sustainable development
  • employees and managers of small and medium enterprises who want to run their business in accordance with sustainable development principles
  • scientific and didactic staff of institutions of higher education in Poland as well as students and candidates for doctor’s degree dealing with sustainable development
  • laureates of all editions of „Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland” contest, other educational projects of Sendzimir Foundation and Centrum Rozwiązań Systemowych and their partners, and everyone who wants to face the challenges of contemporary world.


Project co-financed by National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

Project co-financed by Island, Liechtenstein and Norway within EEA Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the State Budget of the Republic of Poland under the NGO Fund