Laudato Si

Laudato Si

The Laudato Si is a board game designed for 5 to 6 players. In this game inspired by the Pope Francis encyclical, players manage beautiful green forest full of majestic trees.

This forest is their home – it gives them a place to sleep and provide with everything they need to live and develop their community. And it’s the players who bear the sole responsibility for results of the management.

Thanks to the Laudato Si, players can experience interdependencies and the human effect on nature and an environment.

The game lets players understand how important the rational management of the resources is. And that without the communication and cooperation, it’s hard to achieve own’s objectives. Players become aware of the joint responsibility for commonly shared home  – the Earth; the Earth’s resources and other inhabitants of the planet.

The Laudato Si game is designed for young people between 10 and 15. But because the game theme is universal, the game can be entertaining for people of all ages.

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The game was created in the New Earth project financed by the Climate KIC.