CASCADES post-workshop webinar

CASCADES post-workshop webinar

On the 26th of June, we’ve met with over 20 stakeholders for the post-workshop webinar. The purpose of this meeting was to summarise the learnings from the first CASCADES core workshop and follow-up activities.

Agata Śliwa facilitated the webinar while Piotr Magnuszewski took the virtual floor to present key learnings from the results of the Cascading Climate Impacts policy simulation.

Other speakers included Ilona Otto (CASCADES project Coordinator, PIK), Francesco Bosello, and Elisa Delpiazzo (CMCC), Pia van Ackern and Adrien Detges (adelphi), Irene Monasterolo, Adrian von Jagow and Anja Duranovic (WU Vienna).

During the webinar, stakeholders shared their experiences and compared outcomes of 3 different thematic sessions – trade/finance/security. It was also an opportunity for asking questions about cascading climate change impacts and risks and the CASCADES methodologies to our consortium experts.

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