PLUS Change

PLUS Change – Planning Land Use Strategies: Meeting biodiversity, climate and social objectives in a changing world

The Centre for Systems Solutions is among 23 institutions included in the PLUS Change project — ‘Planning Land Use Strategies: Meeting biodiversity, climate and social objectives in a changing world’. The project, coordinated by the Global Change Research Institute CAS (CzechGlobe), under the Horizon Innovation Actions grant agreement n°101081464.

PLUS Change aims to develop strategies and decision-making processes for land use that effectively address challenges related to climate change, biodiversity, and human well-being. By bringing together diverse stakeholders and examining case studies from various regions in Europe, the project emphasizes the interconnectedness between urban, regional, and peri-urban areas. The overarching goal is to generate knowledge and drive transformative change towards a sustainable world. 

Throughout the project, partners adopt a social perspective to understand how values, knowledge, governance, powers, and roles of different actors interact to influence land use decisions. Our approach to land use planning takes a long-term, dynamic perspective, considering social and physical changes over time, trade-offs, synergies, and expected/desired climate and biodiversity trends. 

To achieve these objectives, the PLUS Change project has adopted a highly transdisciplinary project design and co-creation of research solutions. By integrating these components, the project aims to facilitate both learning and the development of policy and solution-oriented outcomes.

Specifically, our organization will design and develop social simulations that support the co-construction of transformation pathways for sustainable land-use strategies under Work Package 4, which the Centre for Systems Solutions also leads. We invite you to follow the information (news) about the project!

This project has received funding from European Union’s Horizon 2022 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement N°10108146.




PLUS Change Kick-Off Meeting
In the middle of June, Piotr Magnuszewski attended the kick-off meeting of the PLUS Change (Planning Land Use Strategies: Meeting biodiversity, climate and social objectives...

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