New Earth

New Earth

Project Description

New Earth – Catholic Church educators increase the climate sensibility among students and believers is focused on including the climate change-related themes into a durable tool, easy to translation, used by the Catholic Church educators.

As a result, we expect to improve knowledge about climate change among religious educators, students, and their families. Consequently, we also expect to change their behaviour and share knowledge, which we delivered to them.

In order to increase the efficiency, it will have an interactive form by using an interactive platform (game, web page, materials) and will align the existing materials with the encyclical of Pope Francis: ‘Laudato Si’. The program will be related to Catholic Social Teaching and will use interesting and attractive methods mostly build on simulation games developed by CRS. One of these games will be adapted to fit the theoretical and technical requirements imposed by the scope of designed lesson/workshop. Effect of education of children in the matter of climate change will be strengthened as ‘Laudato Si’ and materials used in our project present idea that it is a moral obligation of each human to care for the environment.

Our project strongly based on the empirical research. The idea of this project won the first prize within the educational group during the Pioneers into Practice programme in 2015 in Poland.




The project is implemented within the framework of the “Transition Cities” project, funded by the European Commission (Climate-KIC).