EDUCEN Handbook on Culture and Urban Disaster

EDUCEN Handbook on Culture and Urban Disaster

European disasters in Urban city centres project already came to an end but the results of our work still live on. The EDUCEN Culture and Urban disasters Handbook is finally available! The Handbook is a printable digital tool that was designed to be easily and freely accessible by users.

Centre for Systems Solutions contributed with the chapter called “Using games to foster empathy, experience, and learning”. Piotr Magnuszewski, Lukasz Jarzabek, Aleksandra Solinska, Michal Pajak and Michalina Kulakowska compiled the knowledge we gained through participating in EDUCEN project. We hope that our chapter, as well as the rest of the publication, will not only help with widening the horizons of our readers but will also make them reflect on questions related to culture and disasters.

Check out the Handbook here!

The EDUCEN project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 653874

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