REBOOST simulation – training for moderators

REBOOST simulation – training for moderators

As the next REBOOST local workshops in Gorj, Lusatia, and Eastern Greater Poland are on the horizon, we invited our partners from Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIAT), Romania, to a short moderation training. 

During the meeting led by Michalina Kułakowska, our partners learned how to navigate the REBOOST simulation moderator interface and moderator’s materials. On top of it, they could practice all steps of the workshop scenario. At the end, we also dedicated some time to the topic of facilitation and workshop organizing and any questions or doubts that were still unanswered. 

We expect to organize similar meetings for our partners from Germany and Poland in 2022. 

The REBOOST project and the REBOOST simulation are supported by the EIT Climate-Kic INNOVATION ECOSYSTEMS – Cross European Ecosystems program and co-funded by EIT.

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