Register for Deep Sea Mining Simulation – 26th of November

Register for Deep Sea Mining Simulation – 26th of November

The Deep Sea Mining Simulation allows participants to dive into the subject by inviting them to become members of the Stakeholder Advisory Board for the International Seabed Authority. The roles also include representatives of animals and plants to give them a platform for adding their perspectives. The participants take part in the Board meeting and jointly decide on recommendations about the future of deep sea mining. Even though the Board is a fictional entity created for the purpose of the simulation, both the International Seabed Authority itself, and the issues to be discussed are very real.

Through a process of analyzing background facts, debating, and voting, the participants will need to arrive at a final recommendation: should deep sea mining take place or should there be a moratorium on it? The question of the moratorium is also based on reality, since organizations such as mining companies or the scientific and environmentalist community have been lobbying for or against it.

We warmly invite you to take part in the next session of the Deep Sea Mining Simulation, which will take place on the 26th of November between 14 and 16 CET.

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