RECREATE Simulation Online Workshop

RECREATE Simulation Online Workshop

Members of our team who collaborate with IIASA were a part of the design team for the RECREATE simulation workshop about mobility in Vienna. The target group of the simulation was stakeholders professionally interested in the transport and public space management in Vienna: city officials, NGO activists, mobility experts. To make the transport in Vienna greener and more citizen-friendly, participants discussed, designed, and negotiated policy propositions. 

The simulation and workshop were developed within the project RECREATE: Resource nexus for transformation to circular, resilient, and liveable cities in the context of climate change. The project’s objective is to identify pathways for cities to foster a circular economy by reducing significantly the energy, water, and material resource uses, and related environmental impacts; building resilience to ever-increasing uncertainties from globalization and climate changes; and becoming more livable for growing populations in different urbanization contexts in China and Europe. The project involves working with the cities of Vienna, Shanghai, Malmö, and Beijing. Project partners are IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Beijing Normal University, Fudan University, and Jinan University.

The project is funded by the pilot call Sustainable and Liveable Cities and Urban Areas organized by JPI Urban Europe and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

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