Updated Deep Sea Mining Simulation – in workshop

Updated Deep Sea Mining Simulation – in workshop

In early February, Piotr Magnuszewski and Paolo Campo moderated an online Workshop of the Deep Sea Mining (DSM) Simulation

DSM Simulation is an immersive experience, where participants assume roles to discuss different aspects of deep-sea mining. The simulation provides the arguments and the context, so that everyone can make their own opinions and decisions on a final recommendation: should deep sea mining take place or should there be a moratorium on it?

With a big update of the materials and facilitation completed in 2022, the Simulation provided a platform for engaging and enriching discussions.

Participants actively engaged with the topics presented for discussions, and provided us with precious feedback  about the simulation tool itself.
The DSM Simulation was developed by our team in collaboration with Olga Mironenko, and financial support from Balaton Group and Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

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