Our simulations were part of COP26 – Cascading Climate Impacts

Our simulations were part of COP26 – Cascading Climate Impacts

During the COP26, we were running, together with our partners from the Cascades project, several interactive events via Chatham House Climate Risk and Security Virtual Pavilion.

Throughout the COP26, anyone could explore on their own an interactive and immersive single-player simulation about cascading climate risks.

Towards the end of the COP26, we also organized a facilitated session with Cascading Climate Impacts Policy Simulation. During the session, players could directly interact with other participants within the simulation. Participants could explore not only the climate impacts but also possible solutions to the crisis at hand. After the simulation, participants could take part in a debriefing session to share their reflections.

We based both simulations on the “CASCADES – Cascading climate risks: toward adaptive and resilient European Societies” project’s results.

You can still access single-player simulation: https://engage.socialsimulations.org/COP26.

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