CASCADES: Cascading Climate Risks Towards Adaptive and Resilient European Societies

Description – essential information

CASCADES identifies how the risks of climate change to countries, economies, and peoples outside Europe might cascade into Europe. It does so by analyzing how these risks interact with major challenges facing European societies. We are working with a diverse range of stakeholders – both within and outside Europe – to address these risks from a multitude of approaches.

Europe is strongly linked to the rest of the world via trade, supply and value chains, business operations, financial investments, as well as a result of its security, development and diplomatic interests. However, while climate change impacts in Europe are relatively well studied, there is a lack of understanding about how interacting, cross-sectoral climate change impacts occurring beyond Europe, as well as the economic and social responses to these impacts, might cascade into Europe. Therefore, the main objective of CASCADES is, within four years, to analyze the trade, political and financial channels through which climate change impacts might cascade into Europe from outside, significantly altering Europe’s risk exposure; and to support the design of a coherent European policy framework to address these risks.

Centre for Systems Solutions leads the stakeholder involvement process and is responsible for developing the Policy Simulation and the CASCADES multiplayer Social Simulation.

The relationship between CASCADES and stakeholders is bidirectional, to ensure that the topics discussed and researched relate to challenges stakeholders are dealing with, and are scrutinized using their expert knowledge. Thus, the stakeholders’ concerns and individual risk assessments are incorporated in the scientific analysis, and the analysis will provide useful results tailored to the stakeholders’ interests.

Stakeholders will be actively involved in the research process and co-develop the Policy Simulation. This process encourages going beyond the linear process in which science is passed on to society after its production. It offers a more interactive and productive arrangement between scientific and extra-scientific actors in order to bridge the gulf between complex science and everyday decision making.

The goal of the series of workshops with Policy Simulation is to integrate research generated by partners, present results to stakeholders, gather their input about cascading risks and their recommendations on approach and results – and ultimately to develop an effective and efficient science-policy interface.

An online multiplayer serious game called Cascades will be developed to secure the project impact beyond its lifetime. This serious game’s main topics will be policy learning, education and awareness rising. The setting of the game will be stylized, i.e. it will work as a metaphor of given problems.

The project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 821010.




Social simulation during Cascading Resource Scarcity: Science Diplomacy at the Intersection of Climate Change
On July 22, 2021, in cooperation with IIASA, National Research Council Canada, ISSP (uOttawa), and Mitacs, we ran an online workshop with our policy simulation...

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360° view of climate impacts: experiencing the future to plan adaptation
On the 31st of May, together with the Cascades project, the European Centre for Development Policy Management, PIK Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Climate...

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Science and policy explored in an Arctic simulation
The Centre for Systems Solutions (CRS), the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), and University of Ottawa’s Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP)...

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CASCADES post-workshop webinar
On the 26th of June, we’ve met with over 20 stakeholders for the post-workshop webinar. The purpose of this meeting was to summarise the learnings...

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Cascading Climate Impacts workshop
On April 1, 2020, Piotr Magnuszewski led a session of the CASCADING CLIMATE IMPACTS simulation focused on cascading impacts of climate change-related hazards. The event,...

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Cascading Climate Impacts simulation test
On March 30, 2020, the CRS team tested a new simulation developed as part of the CASCADES project. The CASCADING CLIMATE IMPACTS simulation was developed...

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CASCADES conceptual framework meeting in Potsdam
On the 18th of February Łukasz Jarząbek and Piotr Magnuszewski participated in the conceptual framework meeting of our Horizon 2020 CASCADES project.  The meeting took...

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First test of an advanced prototype of a new simulation
On the 14th of February, all employees of our organization took part in a test o a new exciting social simulation. All participants took on...

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