Education to Citizenship

Education to Citizenship

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Michalina Kułakowska


Poland, Norway

Description – essential information

The context of the Education to citizenship project is the need to develop and consolidate civic education tools for adults. To meet these expectations, the Common Thing Foundation and its partners will create a range of attractive tools for adult civic education.
Education to citizenship benefits from a grant of EUR 171 017 through the EEA Funds. Thanks to that funding, 3 partners from Poland and 1 from Norway will create an innovative training program for civic educators working with local communities. The project plans to run courses for civic educators at two levels: basic and advanced. Participants in the events will be civic educators working or planning to work with communities, especially those of marginalized backgrounds.

The aim of the events organised by the Common Thing Foundation, the Centre for Systems Solutions and the Stanisław Brzozowski Association (Krytyka Polityczna) will be to disseminate the results of the project: a programme of courses, an educational game and a manual.

The Centre for Systems Solutions will take the lead in developing an innovative educational game (social simulation).

Education for Citizenship is benefiting from a grant of 171 017,00 EUR received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Funds.

EEA grant

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Feel the Magic of Collaboration: (After)Fantasy Simulation
At the turn of November and December, we organised a unique two-day workshop Education to Citizenship – Feel the Magic of Collaboration! in EkoCentrum, Wrocław....

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Education to Citizenship in Warsaw
One more round of workshops from the Education to Citizenship project took place in the last weekend of June in Warsaw, Poland. This time around...

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Education to Citizenship in Katowice
In June, another series of workshops from the Education to Citizenship project was held in Katowice, Poland. ...

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Education to citizenship: advanced-level course
In June, another edition course for civic educators (in Polish) - "Education to Citizenship" will take place. ...

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Education to Citizenship – study visit to Norway
In April, our team took part in a study visit to Norway as part of the project “Education to Citizenship”. The study visit was hosted...

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Education to Citizenship – upcoming trainings
As first part of the project, we will organize two training courses designed for people who work (or want to work) for local communities. ...

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Education to Citizenship kick-off
At the beginning of September 2022, Michalina Kulakowska took part in a kick-off meeting for the Education to Citizenship project. ...

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