Feel the Magic of Collaboration: (After)Fantasy Simulation

Feel the Magic of Collaboration: (After)Fantasy Simulation

At the turn of November and December, we organised a unique two-day workshop Education to Citizenship – Feel the Magic of Collaboration! in EkoCentrum, Wrocław. The workshop featured the (After)Fantasy simulation, and demonstrated that complex problems can be addressed through engaging and interactive methods. 

About the (After)Fantasy

The (After)Fantasy Simulation immerses players into a fictional world populated with fantastical creatures and races. Despite its otherworldly setting, the simulation serves as a metaphor for real-world challenges. A central threat represents global and local issues, fostering engagement without political influence. 

Participants form groups, develop identities, and devise action plans to confront danger. Diversity in backgrounds and conflicting priorities shape decision-making. Resources are distributed unevenly among roles, leading to shocks that test leadership and group cohesion. 

Winning isn’t the primary goal – instead, participants aim to understand and navigate complex processes through interaction. The simulation concludes with a debriefing, facilitating the transfer of experiences to real-life situations.

Workshop in Wrocław

The workshop attracted participants from non-governmental, education and public sectors, interested in exploring participatory and community organising methods through unconventional, action-based learning. The participants praised the workshop for introducing a new tool that embraces cooperation and helps to consolidate gained knowledge. Moreover, several participants mentioned that the event was a great opportunity to exchange experiences.

Education for Citizenship is benefiting from a grant of 171 017,00 EUR received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Funds.